Saturday, January 26, 2008

Climb for success

Finally I am here, after days of trying not to update my blog. I have been away for too long, busy setting up my new business. Well I didn't set it up exactly, someone else did, but I have taken it from there and it is my responsibility to increase sales, revenues and profit margins. We have entered in to a strategic partnership to design and build Electro Static Precipitators (ESP) for Coal Gasification Plants. My AOR (Area of Responsibility for the uninitiated) includes marketing & sales, installation and after sales support for ESP. In addition to lucrative salary, I also get a major stake from the profits. So I am very excited and giving it my best shot. I have managed to sell almost 15 sets. First installation is over and 2nd is ongoing. It has been hectic as work goes on for almost 12 hours everyday. And when I am not supervising installation, I am busy meeting or coordinating with factory owners regarding ESP.
First installation was great and ESP should be online in 2 days. These ESP are big bi#ches. 15 Mt. in height, I climb them at least 4 times a day. Climbing is the easy part, real challenge is coming down. I don’t recommend it for people who are scared of heights. Sometimes I have to jump inside ESP to give instructions. The worst part of this job/business is that you are covered in dust and coal all day long. My precious cargoes are ruined by coal and rust. But hell with the money I make I can afford a big wardrobe of cargoes. Cargoes are great for this work as they are made from thick and strong fabric, second there are enough pockets to carry tools, walkie talkie and documents.
Biggest casualty has been my beloved iPhone. There is no way I can use its touch screen without screwing it up, thanks to dust and coal. So I am planning to sell it and get HTC S710. It is a good choice for me because it is rugged and offers PDA functionality, something I require badly if I am to stay in this business.
I travel almost 100 km everyday by car or bike (depending on availability). And mind you that is intra-city. I had to relocate to a city 60 km away from my hometown. It’s a place called Morbi. It is the ceramic capital of India with more than 400 factories producing vitrified tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, sanitary ware and tons of other ceramic products. It is the town where big clock companies like Ajanta and Samay are located.

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