Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eid Mubarak to all Jihadis

Hello my fellow humans. Eid Mubarak to you and your families. I hope this letter finds you alive and sane. You’ll need little bit of sanity and reasoning power in order to continue reading this letter and understand its contents.
First of all I would like to admire your guts for sacrificing your life for a cause that you believe in. after all it takes lots of guts to face bullets and to blow a bomb strapped to your body. But then I won’t say that you are brave because brave people don’t kill innocent women and children. There is a wide difference between being gutsy and being brave. All brave people are gutsy but the converse is not true. You might argue that this is a war for you and everything is fair in love and war. Yes everything is fair as long as you fight your enemies but as soon as you start killing innocent people, you become a butcher instead of a soldier that you think you are. If you think you are a soldier defending Islam, then go and fight your enemy soldiers but not helpless men, women and children. And if you are so obsessed with soldiering then why don’t you don a uniform and fight. Why do you hide your faces and take cover of burkha? Bravery is in fighting for the oppressed and not in killing the innocent.
I am sure that you are well-versed with holy Quran and you know it by heart. What I doubt is your understanding of Quran and the Prophet. If you take a good look at history, Islam has embraced everybody in its arms. Till very recently that is. It is only recently that a handful of men with vested interest woke up one day to find Islam in danger. Whatever their selfish interests might be, they started brainwashing people and made them believe that killing innocent humans across the globe will open doors of heaven for them. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but I don’t think those who kill people will ever go to heaven. It would be prudent to point out an event from Prophet Mohammed’s life. Prophet and his followers were resting in desert. Some of his followers burnt termite’s nest. On seeing this Prophet told them that fire is God’s weapon. Only he has the right to punish the offenders with fire. If you really believe in Prophet’s sayings then you would do good to keep this incident in mind.
From what I understand, Jihad means the holy war. But it has a deeper meaning. War is cruel and savage. It cannot be holy in true sense. But when you say Jihad, it means a war against oppression. This oppression might be in any form. Still that does not entitle you to kill people mindlessly. Because what you boys are doing is not war but it is genocide. I don’t say don’t defend yourself. All I am saying is don’t kill the innocent. Due to your killings, all Muslims across the world are seen as terrorist. All religions have their set of terrorists. For me any terrorist is a terrorist and deserves to be eliminated with extreme prejudice. There are certain differences between Muslim terrorists and terrorists from other religions. While most terrorists have a political aim, Muslim terrorists have religious issues. Muslim terrorists are most organized lot. Some of the worst terrorist strikes have been carried out by Muslim terrorist. All these reasons add up to create a sense of suspicion and hatred against other followers of Islam. It is because of few hundred disoriented men like you that entire Islam gets branded as a terrorist and intolerant religion. I know this is not the truth. But then entire world has seen such acts of hatred from so called Jihadis that they have built up this harsh opinion about Islam. This situation can only change if you start thinking and rationalizing about your acts instead of blindly following orders. Think about the true message of Islam before executing orders issued by those who don’t know what Islam is. Trust me, they themselves don’t know what Islam is all about. Their version of Islam is narrow, twisted and to their own liking. One glaring example of such personality is Mullah Omar. He has added the title of ‘Mullah’ even though he had failed the lessons to be a Mullah. Please don’t be disoriented by such people. Ghastly acts of terror not only kill people but makes life hell for those who lose loved ones.
So this Eid, enjoy with your family and think about what I said.


  1. Good Thoughts.
    Problem is Lack of Education in that community. If they have been imparted proper education then they would be able to understand true meaning conveyed in kuran. Also education will bring sanity in them that kids bring responsibility with them. Rather than giving birth to many and let them live at god's will produce only 1 or 2 and give them the best they can ever get in world. Islam is against birth control, but that is need of the hour and true religion is the one which can adapt the changing times.

  2. good write up. hope someone (ur terrorist friends) reads it.

  3. I agree with vishal and I fully agree with the entire text of the article because I have been actively by choice or by profession been in parts of the world where this is an everyday incident and I feel the onus is on the religious leadership to educate the masses about the message the Holy Quran wants to spread among its followers but not the message a few disgruntled people want to spread....EID MUBHARAK

  4. Hi all,
    My only message to my fellow human beings esp those involved in terror outfits is that 'don't follow someone who instills terror in the hearts of ppl but fight them!!'
    This is the true spirit of humanity and sanity too. An eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth will only render the entire world blind and toothless! come out of ur mindsets and think clearly and logically then u urself will realize what u are doing is wrong. Time has come for us to change and change for the better in that. So let us all stand up and make the world a peaceful place to live in.

  5. Blind belief in any religion causes lose of freedoms, life, and culture.

    Terrorists are just that, designed not to live or die for any noble cause, but to terrorize as much people as possible.

    Terrorism serves no purpose what so ever. We can only hope and pray they blow themselves up way before reaching civilized human beings.

  6. Very Well Said and Really Appreciable. Big Round of Applause for u brother :)

    If u or ur buddies have got any doubts/questions regarding Islam u can email me :

    take care see ya