Saturday, October 10, 2009

Resilience = inaction ?

More than ten months have passed since the ghastly attacks on Mumbai. As expected, everybody talked tough and conveniently forgot about the whole episode after a week or so. This has become the trademark of India. Politicians promise ‘tough’ action against those responsible and populace forgets about the whole deal under the tag of ‘resilience’. This is not resilience my countrymen, this is criminal insensitivity. I don’t say that we should keep mourning, but we should ensure that there is no such mourning in future. It is due to our lax attitude that every time a terror attack takes place politicians just pay lip-service without taking concrete steps. Let’s pressurize them to take firm action so that there are no such attacks in future. What can we do short of starting a war with Pakistan? There is a lot that can be done without starting a nuclear war with our amateur neighbor.

Very first step is to stop passage of Pakistan registered aircraft through Indian airspace. This would hurt them bad. Similarly cut down the trade with Pakistan. Such measures taken after the parliament attacks had a severe effect on Pakistan’s economy.

Take up the issue at every possible international forum. I hate to say this, but Pakistani bureaucrats and politicians are far more committed to their cause (read harassing India) and present it much better than what our chaps do. For our bureaucrats and politicians, only cause worthy of their attention is amassing wealth. This has to change.

We don’t have intelligence agencies for fooling around. Ask them to give all those behind terrorist attacks a dose of their own medicine. If terror mongers understand the language of violence, then talk to them in that language. Do anything necessary for the safety of our country, however immoral it might be. On second thoughts, there is nothing immoral as long as it is done for our countries safety and security.

While we went gaga over Obama getting into white house and Hillary meeting Taj and Oberoi employees, we should not forget that it is the USA that is pampering Pakistan. Truth be told, if USA wants to court India, then they should act towards building confidence. Giving military aid to Pakistan has to stop. Everybody knows that a major chunk of the equipment “donated” to fight so called terrorists ends up being deployed against India. But sadly MMS seems to have forgotten something that hangs between two legs and is doing everything to please USA. Aftermath of signing nuclear deal, joint statement at Sharm-El-Sheikh and countless other incidents prove that our government is unable to take a stand. All these sends a clear signal that MMS led government will toe the US line while allowing Pakistan to get away with whatever they do. We can be bullied over because we allow others to do that. What if we took a stand and asked Uncle Sam to reign in his bastard child as a condition for the nuclear deal? We are planning to buy 126 fighters and two major US companies are contending. That can be used as leverage. After all it is useless to pay for our weapons, while Pakistan receives them as “gifts” to fight against Taliban. This certainly can be done, but that requires two big ones, which our current leader lacks. Both literally and figuratively. As the saying goes, “strength respects strength”. But we have proved to be weaklings time and again.

If we don’t get our act together, we better be ready for Indian blood to be spilled every day bottled under tag of resilience.


  1. You are right on all the points that you have made. Yes, of course we must do all that has been suggested. Yet the moot question is, just who those 'WE' are? Our MPs? They are in 'it' for money and power. The Government, the creme de la creme of these MPs appears to be there for more cream and more power. In order to be 'there', they even stoop to the level of welcoming criminals from Tihar, who also happen to be MPs when vote of no confidence is brought against the ruling party. We have seen on the TV the shameful sight of the Mighty Lady, her PM and his powerful ministers stand up and welcome them with 'Namaste'!

    With this kind of leadership, our lamentations and anguish are going to be cries in the wilderness.

  2. i dont see any of our present leaders as promising to bring our India to a safe and prosperous stage! when i was a kid i admired indira gandhi and rajiv gandhi a lot! @indira gandhi i admire that she knew what she wanted to do, and she did it paying heavy prices! good/bad whatever she was, she was a strong leader!

    i dnt have hopes on NETAs of this gen!

  3. vishal
    i must say that u have written the naked truth about our politicians.
    And yes, anything done for the country however immoral it may be is worth doing and not just trying!

    u are voicing many angry silences! but why are these silences still prevailing although being the youthful nation on global map?????????

  4. You have point here but, do people have power to make those in power to implement such measures??? I doubt. We do have RTI but in that we cant make them follow action. Yes, we can represent or pressurise local,state politicians verbally or in writing but then again they wont follow looking to their loss or gain. Last chance we have is catching them in next too, they dont need us informed,educated voters-they only listen to the poor,uneducted,unquestioning lot, which have their own problems bigger than national ones....
    Pl throw some light on this
    PS I am not trying to make all inactive but this is reality.

  5. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it