Friday, January 8, 2010

Cricket over country?

June 2009

While most of the news channels were busy discussing the reason Indian team lost at T-20 world cup, news of Maoists taking over Lalgarh were lost. If we had wont T-20 world cup like the last time, it would certainly be a moment of pride for us. But we have lost and that’s that. No point in doing a post-mortem. And even if it needs to be done, it should be taken care by concerned bodies. Right now T-20 issue has been sensationalized as if the answers are critical to survival of our nation. While most people were glued to these meaningless discussions, something happened that is threatening the very existence of our nation. Yes it might seem as trivial and small right now, but the monster that raised its ugly head in Lalgarh has evil schemes and potential to break our country into pieces. This incident is much more shameful for India than losing out in T-20.

My dear readers you can play your part by just watching news that matter. Bring down the TRP of channels that just show meaningless and sensational news. Stop sending SMS to their silly polls related to similarly inane news items. When you send a SMS to give your opinion, it only helps fill up coffers of that news channel and your telecom company. Nothing more.

Point of my rants is focus on the issues that matter and not on the issues that sell. Media has a major responsibility in any nation. It is high time that Indian media gets its act together and plays its part.

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