Saturday, May 1, 2010

Precision strike

I was just going through some of the stuff I wrote but never published for some arcane reason. Out of number of such write-ups, I found this piece. It is pure fiction but I know that most Indians would love to see this fiction turn to reality.

The person residing inside the palatial villa wakes up at 14:10, and is reading the newspaper when all of a sudden the roof caves in due to explosion of 200 kg HE warhead. Blast kills every living being in a radius of 100 meter causing minimum collateral damage. Few seconds after the explosion, Captain Khan transmits an encrypted message that reads "Dalal Street". This message rides ether and is received by intended devices and decrypted. Wave of joy at the command center was as expected from hard-core professionals.

After a few minutes, a Naval Sea King helicopter flew in to take Captain Khan to the nearest base. While flying out, Captain Khan couldn't help but appreciate the beauty he held command of. Marking on her port side read "D51 Rajput". The notorious criminal at the receiving end of INS Rajput's fury was the one responsible for hundreds of deaths. Son of a police officer and the one who topped the wanted list of India - Dawood Ibrahim - had finally met his maker. As an end result of this precision strike, death was swiftly delivered by a cylindrical structure known to many as BrahMos.

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