Friday, November 26, 2010

Forgotten Soldier – Introduction

Today is second anniversary of terrorist attack on Mumbai. 26/11 brings back a flood of memories not only to those who lost their dear ones but also to those who watched it on TV and felt an impotent rage inside. Attack on various locations spread across South Mumbai has been unique in history of terrorist attacks on Indian soil. Never before had terrorists shown capacity for such audacity, planning and cold blooded murder. 

Even in wake of this new style of attacks, there were few things that were the same old. First was the usual indecisiveness and inaction of government during initial stages. Another thing that was the same old and pure was the bravery of Indian soldiers and policemen. Mumbai police officers even though under-equipped were not found lacking in courage. Officer Tukaram Omble’s act bears testimony to this. When he caught Kasab, he was just armed with lathi and raw courage. Courage was not in short supply when MARCOS (MARine COmmandoS) were requested to take charge of the situation. These unique breed of men dressed in black were the first ones to secure the site and respond to terrorists. Next came in NSG (National Security Guards) boys popularly called “Black Cats”. They were the ones who finally rescued the hostages and sent terror mongers to hell.

I am not going to rant about aftermaths of this attack as our inaction is there for the world to see and biryani hogging Ajmal Kasab is still enjoying our hospitality. Today’s post is dedicated to our brave boys and girls in the forces and police.

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Today, world might think of India as a country that would bend over backwards and will present second cheek if slapped on first one. This image has been created by those in power as they fail to play their cards right on international stage. While top political leadership might be blamed for this sloppy attitude, no one would question courage and fighting spirit of Indian soldier. In addition to protecting our own frontiers, Indian soldiers have also shed their blood to protect the West. Such facts have been either left in history books or just forgotten. From today, I’ll start a series of posts dedicated to these “Forgotten Soldiers”. These posts will be based on battles fought by Indian soldier during World War 1, World War 2 and during UN peacekeeping missions across the globe. I would like to end this introductory post with this poem that reflects a soldier’s plight.

Dust trails float seemingly in still air
With each boot upon the ground
Silhouetted by the faded sunset
A forgotten soldier marches

Robbed of the support from his nation
He marches into oblivion
To be forgotten as another nameless soldier
Fading into a mere memory

Voices of reasons why go unheard
Ears to listen are unwilling
Thanks never given for their loyalty   
A forgotten soldier marches on 

Going down into self-history of Pride and Duty
Head held high even now
As a country’s support crumbles away into nonexistence
Forgotten in the books of our nation’s history

The sun sets and darkness falls in
Boot trail swept away by the winds of time
A helmet and rifle lay
Gone forever is the forgotten soldier

*Poem by magrunemoon*


  1. Obviously liked someone cares.. but after all, as mentioned in the blog-post, it's all 'impotent rage' only we could show by hitting the keyboard...

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  2. Excellent!!
    Keep up with the new posts. will read all of them n also learn by the same. Thanks.

  3. spoken the mind of a soldier

  4. Thank you for your support guys. Next post in the series will come soon.