Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Frustrated Fuse

India is a country of over a billion people. Unity in diversity was supposed to be guiding principle of independent India. However in practice, there is no unity but only diversity. People are divided over issues like religion, state, caste, sub-caste, etc. But there is one very strong factor that unites all Indians. It is insecurity and fear caused by terrorists that cuts across all the layers of society and is spread evenly from top to bottom. While terrorists roam freely and safely amongst us, it is the common man struggling with his day to day life who has additional burden of safety to worry about. This fear is aggravated by inaction of spineless and corrupt government. Recent blasts in Mumbai (aka Bombay) have brought out hollowness of government’s promise of security. Instead of ensuring our security, government is busy telling us that such things happen. I bet most of us have felt the feeling of frustration and helplessness when such incidents occur. May Lord help us all.

This spy thriller is a story of a young man who got frustrated by acts of terror and decided to play his part to try and stop such attacks against India and Indian interests across the globe. Was he successful? Did he die in vain? I don’t know, because I have not finished the story yet. I’ll be writing it in bits and pieces and will try to be regular. Bouquets and brick-bats will be equally welcome and your suggestions are very valuable to me.
Disclaimer: All characters are fictional. Any resemblances to people in real life are purely co-incidental.


  1. Interesting !! Its simply d gr8 initiative..wish u luck for the rest.. N waiting for the other chapters..

  2. Thank you VJ. Will try to keep up a decent rate of posts.

  3. Read "Rahul gandhi" when vishal wrote about government says it happens...

    I don't know why they feel scared of terrorists, they're not superpower devil who can blow thousands of house just by doing foo-foo from mouth.. you better eradicate the terrorism then only start giving statements....
    HELLO to the government who pass such statements, if you can't stop terrorism, do not talk on other issues like godhra etc....Please...

  4. vishal, where are the next instalments.
    Waiting for them.
    Please post them soon

  5. Working on Chapter-3 right now. Expect it by Tuesday.