Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blackberry keeps rebooting (or restarting)

One fine day my Blackberry 9000 was frozen. I let it be for 15 minutes, but it was still stuck at same screen and with a clock icon in the middle. Finally I did ‘hard reboot/reset’ by removing the battery and put it back in. It showed me Blackberry booting screen. Progress bar in boot screen moved a few notches and then rebooted on its own. It went on for quite some time. I tried connecting the charger and charging it while it went on. But that didn’t work either.

Finally I got online and googled about this problem. Found out that such problem might be caused due to battery not sitting tightly. Checked for same. It was fitted properly. Finally decided to connect my rebooting phone to my computer and opened Blackberry desktop software. Immediately it gave me a screen saying that my phone was either not connected or switched off. It gave me three options Retry, Update and Cancel. I hit Retry, but it didn’t work. Finally I hit Update and it started updating. Usually when you try to update your Blackberry OS, updater gives you an option to back your data up. But since mine was rebooting continuously, that option was disabled on updater screen. Finally update was done and my Blackberry booted fine. It was completely wiped off. Thanks to a backup I had done few days back, I was able to restore it. Although I had to reinstall all extra applications and configure my email id once again on my phone. 

It was that day that I finally activated Blackberry Protect. Nifty feature indeed. It backs up your data and keeps it secure on a server. You can set the frequency of backups too. And in future if you have to wipe out your Blackberry for any reason, you can always get it back from that server. In order to use Blackberry Protect, you’ll need Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) to be enabled.

Blackberry 9000


  1. thank u....i did de same and it helped

  2. Dear Woodgate,

    I am glad it helped. :)

  3. thank u.... :) so much Mr. Vishal for this and its to much helped