Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friends of Forces

Hello everyone, I have been away from internet and writing for much longer than I thought. But I am posting here to share an idea. As we all know, Indian armed forces face challenges from various fronts. These challenges are not only limited to enemies armed with weapons, but span out to enemies armed sure-kill weapons like human rights and such. Where were all these advocates of human rights when family members of soldiers were massacred in Kaluchak? Where are they when soldiers are ambushed and massacred by so-called 'misguided youngsters' like they were in Dantewada. Do only terrorists, insurgents and their sympathizers have human rights? Or do soldiers and policemen have them as well? Why does a soldier who captures/eliminates a known terrorist get 'attached' without benefits of posting or promotion? There are 400 such officers (from Indian Army alone) who are attached because of pending cases in civil courts. On further investigation it is evident that most of those cases are baseless and are craftily designed by those who want to undermine armed forces. Why does a soldier who takes initiative for protecting the country get treated this way? List of questions going on in my head is very long.

My answer to it is an NGO that would fight for the human rights of armed forces. We need to take a stand for those who protect us from terrorism and insurgency. If you have any specific ideas for this endeavor then please share it with me and I'll try to incorporate them in scope of our NGO. And one more thing also suggest a good name for this NGO as I plan to get it registered soon. Right now the name I have in mind is Friends of Forces.


  1. Very nice idea.
    Friends of Forces is a very good name. Can't think of anything better as of now. My suggestions :
    1. Let the NGO also take care of a very very very important thing : to see to it that those survived by the martyr get all the benefit entitled to them. I do not know if this happens smoothly always.
    2. The NGO also has to take care that it backs a case only on merit. For example, the case of the lady from Manipur who has been fasting for about a decade in protest of the killings by Armed men in 2002. Dont remember exact names and time.

  2. Thanks Tejas. Skill enhancement and support for members of serving and martyred soldiers is already there on agenda.

    And as far as merit is concerned, of course we'll check all the facts thoroughly before supporting any case.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion A. Forgive my ignorance, but what does Achyutadhar mean?