Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mutilation of Indian Soldiers

I express deepest sympathies and support to families of Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh of Indian Army. These brave men laid down their lives protecting sanctity of India. They were ambushed and killed by troops of Pakistan Army who had intruded on Indian territory after crossing Line Of Control (LoC). In the ensuing gunfight, they made supreme sacrifice in service of our nation. Pakistani intruders didn't stop after killing them. They mutilated their dead bodies and retreated with head of one of the soldiers. This not only blatantly violates Geneva convention, but also gives an insight into sick minds of those responsible.

Although cease fire violations are not unheard of during peace time, this act of mutilation is very ghastly. It brings back dark memories of similar actions of Pakistan Army in early days of Kargil conflict. A patrol from 4 Jat lead by Captain Saurabh Kalia was captured and murdered in cold blood. Their mutilated bodies were handed over later on. Such an act is a war crime and perpetrators should be tried for the same. But sadly Indian government has not done anything about it. When questioned about progress of this matter, Salman Khurshid just dodged it citing lack of credible options. Options are called options because you have a choice. Pick one instead of dilly-dallying for more. If you just keep wiping soldiers blood with your ink pots then it will become impossible for a government to hold this country together. If you can't even respect a soldier in death then it won't be long before a soldier stops respecting the government. This mutilation of Indian soldiers should not go unpunished. Measures need to be taken and procedures need to be set up in order to see that those behind such acts are brought to justice. Within or outside legal norms that is. 

Late Captain Saurabh Kalia (4 Jat)


  1. My new year resolution for 2013: anybody who tells me about #AmanKiAsha gets punched in the nose and kicked in the nuts.

  2. Same for me brother. Or may be we can arrange for them to patrol in CI areas.