Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good old college days

Couple of days back I found out that an old friend of mine had invited me to join a group on Whatsapp. It happened to be group of my friends from initial years of college. Memories came rushing back. Those good old college days were unbelievable compared to a mad race that life has become now.

There are old room-mates, batchmates and all kind of mates on this group. It was time to remember trademark peculiarities of all these nut cases. I ended up spending some time asking about news from their end and what are they doing with their lives. Common factor was that everybody was working their @$$ off, are well off and sadly married. Well, that's what THEY said about their marriage, not my words.

Such fun days we had in hostel. Pulling legs and making fun of teachers and girls together. Those cat calls and trips to SD to eat dhosa and have 'kaafi'. That walk up a huge slope to get out of the hostel. Sometimes I wonder how come our institute never produced any mountaineers of repute owing to daily climbing practice. Hell we almost gave India a national level shooter, but that is a completely different story. A story that still goes around our hostel just like most hostel have their "a dude committed suicide and haunts his room as a ghost". Of course room numbers vary depending on whom you want to scare. On second thoughts, lower attendance of most hostelites might be due to this giant slope we had. It was such an uphill task that most hostelites preferred to sleep in their rooms rather than sleeping in classrooms. Must talk to management since I just found out ways to improve attendance now.

Irrespective of who said it, "I am going to library" invariably ended up going to computer lab. For chatting of course. It was 1999 and internet was a big thing. mIrc, ICQ and yahoo messenger were hot. And finding girls - real girls not the fake ones floating around on Facebook these days - was pretty easy. I have couple of friends who found their spouse online.

Tatty, Ronako,Argo, Dhadhuk, Dhaave, Mitha, Mossama, Lagga, Bakadiya, Chiku, Iffu, Nikida, Mr. Bean, Kumar, Gandhi, Harsora, Kd, Kana, Kunla, Shekhu, Shalo, Rax, Magan, Bhavko and rest of you. Thank you buggers for being with me and making me what I am today. Without you idiots, I would have a boringly stable job, a boring life and a bigger car and house than I have. But I don't want that because I have you buffoons. You guys taught me that college is not just about education. It is about making friends, having fun, sustaining with just Rs. 5 in your pockets, stealing stuff for heck of it and trying to make a career as a criminal. Each of you is worth your weight in gold. So halkats, be careful, I might as well sell you off to pay for your sins and get a bigger car and house. Those of you I forgot to mention, don't be so happy. As long as I remember your name, well sell you off too.

Pssst: Marriage sucks. Couldn't write it before, wife was reading. ;)


  1. As always, great stories from Shooter. (This name was christened after the national award winning shooting competition which never happened actually)

    Keep up with good writing and live along with misery (married life).


    1. Dear DX,

      Thank you for appreciating my efforts. And wish you a misery filled life as well. Leto ja :D

  2. Very honest way of writing..Yes marriage sucks..friendship rocks :)

    1. Hi Ankita,

      Thank you. Guess can't do much about it.

  3. Nice.. I have been following you articles.. keep it up.. always thought you would be a pilot one day but you ended up getting married.. lea rakh!! Haha


    1. Thanks YH. Guess I was destined to fly more than the pilots :D

      Have tamaru naam farmavo lyo.