Friday, May 13, 2016

DIY Drip Irrigation System Made Using IV Bottle and Tube

DIY drip irrigation system made using IV bottle and tube. It will be fed by water coming out of air conditioner. To test the effects of water on Basil plants, I irrigated one plant using water from air conditioner and for other plant I used tap water. 

I encourage you to do something similar. Let us try to save and reuse as much water as we can. While you may have easy access to water, there are millions who do not get drinking water. 

I plan to build more such kits and install it at home and office to irrigate kitchen garden and other plants. I would love to hear suggestions/comments on more efficient and effective systems.

Basil plant irrigated using tap water
Basil plant irrigated using water from air conditioner

DIY drip irrigation system

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